Spare the Flog, Spoil your Goddess!

(Isn't that what the bible says?)

No Goddess is fully equipped without some spoiling... Here are some great ways to spoil your Goddess and put a huge smile on her face! She loves receiving gifts that can help her along her way. 

Give a Trip

Goddess Shea has recently started and will soon be doing a lot of traveling... She would very much appreciate donation towards her trips so that she can stay in nice hotels and have nice meals and even a little extra shopping money!

Spa Treatments*

A day at the spa is something that any Goddess needs regularly, specifically this busy Goddess, but a day at the spa is hardly worth it if you don't get the whole package!

Spa Package

Ohm Spa


Gift Certificates

One of Goddess Shea's favorite gifts are Gift Certificates, because she can go and shop alone and pick something nice for herself. Or if your local, you can always go to the store pick up a gift certificate and bring it when you see her! (hint: this is the section where you will find Goddess Shea's favorite stores)

Gift certificates
Home Depot

Big Stuff I need!
The things that the Goddess could use because her current things are dying, broken, or she needs more of to continue on her every day life. This is the stuff that just makes her life a little more convenient.
New laptop, mine is dead and out dated!
New camera, long over due!
Penmouse, mine just broke!

The Leatherman

Fetish Factory

Electric Boutique


Make Up Forever

Mac Cosmetics

Victoria's Secret


Goddess Shea is totally in love with latex you can always treat her to gift certificates so that she can pick out something special or pick something from her list! Usually runs in a small, but always check with her first and she can check the sizing charts and let you know for sure!

Rubber Store



(Black Skirt with Fur)*

(Red and Black Jacket)

(Black Gloves)

can never have enough lube!


(Pencil skirt with corset ass)*

(Black underbust corset)*

(Red corset mini dress)

(Purple Dress)

(Key hole top)

(Front zip awesome top)*

(Red and black catsuit)



Every Goddess needs some awesome leather!

(Hot Pants)

The Leather Man


This is for all you foot boys! This is your chance to pick me out something for you to see my amazing feet in. Not to mention a girl needs something to walk around in! Only the best to go on this amazing Goddess' feet! (9-9.5-10)

check out Electric Boutique

clear light up shoes, (I already have, but need new ones)

(Cute Shoes)


A Goddess always gets one she wants, even if she has to use some discipline, here are some toys that Goddess Shea has been eyeing for a while desperate to use on her subs at parties and in session, you could only be so lucky!


(Goddess Shea's personal favorites)

(4ft black single tail)*

(6ft black single tail)*

Nylon or leather snake whips 4ft and 5ft and black and red flipcat

Single tail, bullwhip, flipcat

(red tail with metal handle)


Twin tail tawe

(silver holy paddle)



(whole set please!)

KJ Canes

* notes that this is something Goddess Shea really really needs!